About Us

Hajegato is a family-owned culinary brand synonymous with QUALITY, RELIABILITY, & UNIQUENESS established in 2019. 

Stand Out from the Crowd. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE with Hajegato Blades - a cut above Perfection.

Whether you're an amateur or professional chef, our specialist knives are sure to enhance your precision cuts with our ultra-sharp blades. Hajegato knives are designed by a professional chef with no compromises on attention to detail. What's even more exciting is because they are handmade, no two knives will ever be the same hence eliminating chances of mix-ups in a professional kitchen.

Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturer's Defect

Hardness: Hajegato chef knife features an ultra-sharp Damascus steel cutting core at 62+Rockwell hardness: supreme performance and perfect grain. Premium high-carbon Damascus steel layers ensure exceptional strength, durability and perfectly balance

G10 HANDLE DESIGN: For minimal fatigue, finger numbness or aches after holding it for a long time, the Hajegato Chef Knives handle is made from G10 wood. It's known for its comfort and durability used where the strength to size ratio is critical.

Material: Hajegato 8 carbon stainless which helps create beautiful patterns on knives and keep sharp for a long time even after cutting tough meat or fish, Vegetables, Fruit and more with Precision Slicing. No tearing, squashing, shredding or bruising the herbs only the best results with Hajegato knives.

Hajegato blades are committed to producing highest quality knives.